At Chiquo Foods Ltd, we believe that food is an essential global commodity which is best served in its Pure and Natural form. The concept of CHIQUO as a brand is to raise more awareness of the food we consume, whilst also demonstrating that our Pure and Natural product offerings are funky, modern and global. We are engaged in importing, exporting and the distribution of Beans, Pulses, Dals, Rice, Nuts, Dried Fruits, Seeds and Snacks. By having direct contact with the growers, processors and suppliers of the commodities at origin, we have extensive knowledge of the products in which we deal, and are also able to monitor the quality during each phase of production, ensuring they meet our high standards. Our high quality goods are then supplied to manufacturers, processors, packers, canners, wholesalers and supermarkets, all of which operate on a global scale. Having recently installed and commissioned a state of the art Packaging Plant at our premises in Hemel Hempstead, we will now be able to supply pre-packed food of various sizes, adding to the high quality global brand that is CHIQUO!!